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Words not said
No need
She felt his happiness
he sensed her pain

Just a glance
No more
She saw his anguish
he witnessed her joy

Two minds joined
As one
He was her soul mate
she his inspiration


a fine line

There’s a very fine line
between friendship and love
But how do you know
if you’re below or above?

A brush of a hand
Her breath on your cheek
When she looks in your eyes
Does your heart miss a beat?

I’ve crossed that line
I wonder if she
Feels some of the magic
That’s happened to me?



He looked from afar
not knowing whether or not
she felt the same

She glanced from a distance
afraid to reveal
her feelings within

It was meant to be
It never was

he loves me, he loves me not

She holds a daisy in her hand

he loves me, he loves me not

Scattering petals to the wind

he loves me, he loves me not
I watch scarcely daring to breath

he loves me, he loves me not

then slowly walk towards her

he loves me, he loves me not
She plucks the last petal

he loves you

I say

the room

She sits alone
in an empty room
filled with happy memories

A quiet room
but for the echoes
of merry laughter past

Time to leave
so sad to go
For she was happy there.

The beach looks different today

Let me read it to you

The beach looks different today

The sea the sky the waves are grey

Pebbles now are hid from sight

The shore a sheet of dazzling white

I hear a laugh I see a child

throwing snowballs running wild

There a puppy leaping high

chasing snowflakes in the sky

I look around, I love the way

the beach looks different today



Slipping in and out of the shadows
hiding in dank doorways

sliding into view when a car appears
Dressed to allure, revealed to tempt

She came here on a promise
from her home overseas
Lured by a job, a flat and a future
Little did she know what awaited her

Concealed at safe distance

her sinister pimp skulks in the shadows
watching his terrified victim
plying his loathsome trade

One day she will disappear
Unknown, anonymous, a number
She will be replaced by another
then another then another and another