Slipping in and out of the shadows
hiding in dank doorways

sliding into view when a car appears
Dressed to allure, revealed to tempt

She came here on a promise
from her home overseas
Lured by a job, a flat and a future
Little did she know what awaited her

Concealed at safe distance

her sinister pimp skulks in the shadows
watching his terrified victim
plying his loathsome trade

One day she will disappear
Unknown, anonymous, a number
She will be replaced by another
then another then another and another


Poopsie aka Blue said...

That is so effective, more so because of its truth.

Will your True Colours Thursday post be a poem?

Forgive me for having a 'senior moment' but just don't recall my original comment re - you reading your poetry.
But no matter think it is a unique idea & you do have a way with words.

Best wishes

Jeques said...

Reality bites.


I had this soulsearching as 2009 started, a pondering moment. I got to question myself - what in this life I don't want to lose?

physical appearance?

a name?




I had a hard time deciding on





But I have to decide on only one ~

And I choose MEMORY.

I work as a nurse and I have constant encounters with people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia that have totally lost their memories and I always see this sad look in their eyes.

Memory is one thing in life that holds everything that we have - and I don't want to lose it, and my only wish to keep.

Many times in my life I wanted and dreamed of living a life of anonymity - I grew up in a small town back in the Philippines where everybody know everybody and it's sickening to a certain point. You act and become the person other people expected and wanted you to be.

One reason I decided to immigrate is to live that dream of anonymity, I got what I wished for when moved here in Chicago but the bliss lasted only for a short period and suddenly, I longed for the warmth of the small town life.

This poem touched that certain part of me - the wanting to be anonymous and yet.

So, I will go back to memory - I wanted to keep and cheerish memories, and there's also that inner wanting in me ~


I wish you well.

~ Jeques


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jinksy said...

Satiable curtiosity also lead me here, and will draw me back!

jinksy said...

I've come back to listen to you reading the poem, and am so glad that I did. You add an extra dimension to the words. I almost wish I was good enough with gizmos to be able to do the same with the things I've written!

Gloria said...

A brilliant piece on a tragic subject. I think the implact is even greater hearing you read it. Excellent!

Andrea said...

You touched the soul of this lost young lady and the many that will follow ... would that our lives didn't have to endure such pain.
But grateful that your tender words can make us understand the truth.

Andrea @ From The Sol

lynn__ said...

Keith, i came over to read your prose and poetry...and am impressed. You make rhyming seem natural! Just wanted to comment on this one in particular because it gripped me with the plight of the unsuspecting victims who get trapped into sexual slavery. Tragic, indeed.