The beach looks different today

Let me read it to you

The beach looks different today

The sea the sky the waves are grey

Pebbles now are hid from sight

The shore a sheet of dazzling white

I hear a laugh I see a child

throwing snowballs running wild

There a puppy leaping high

chasing snowflakes in the sky

I look around, I love the way

the beach looks different today


Jeques said...

Often, the landscapes don't really change.

Our eyes do.

Like in my poem CHANGES series #1


You help me embrace life completely,

All these years I live but did not see;

All the wonderful things around me.


I always revere the morning, alright!

But not as intense the way ’tis today.

I see every ‘lil gifts somehow,

That each morning unfolds to me now.


My eyes are astute with colors, I know.

But not keen as my eyes now do.

I now see the silver lines in blue.

‘Tis not color blindness,

Dont get me wrong, please no!

I just see the brighter side of life now,

And these are all because of you.


Seeing things differently is just one of the magic that love could do.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Janet said...

Even without the picture, I could see this lovely beach in your words.

jinksy said...

I love listening to you reading your words, and always end up wishing I could do the same on my blog! You are obviously a clever clogs... :) Poem and Pics went together so well today.

Lilibeth said...

I loved this little poem...all splashy and snowy.