a fine line

There’s a very fine line
between friendship and love
But how do you know
if you’re below or above?

A brush of a hand
Her breath on your cheek
When she looks in your eyes
Does your heart miss a beat?

I’ve crossed that line
I wonder if she
Feels some of the magic
That’s happened to me?


jinksy said...

Well, if that doesn't win her heart, nothing will!

Missy said...

Beautiful thoughts, gorgeous words

Jeques said...

Often, we can't really tell when friendship ends and love begins.

People drew that imaginary line and are afraid to step beyond that line for some reasons and if we come to think of it, how many ideal love-tales and relationships were lost in time because nobody did the first move.

I should know.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

sarah haliwell said...

This is lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

fine line it is indeed!
walk along the line,
facing the sunshine,
you would find somewhere,
a little blur,
be patient look for the signs,
till then hold the heart reins!

Enjoyed reading yours!

Jeques said...

A line so fine that separates the friendship from love.

Like watching the horizon in the morning in the sea; like watching the stars at night reflected on a placid lake.

You can't tell where the earth ends and the heaven begins,

So is with friendship and love, you could never tell where friendship ends and love begins.
You just feel it.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Jyotika said...

Lovely keith...i simply love u for this.....i want every1 to read this....

Anonymous said...

I have been here many times; crossing that line is well worth it. Many of those who were not "Loves" have become better friends and the rest were meant to fly.
The line "below or above" is beautifully unsettling. I feel a control issue in that line which is so often the case with love/lust, and one of the reasons why it sometimes does not 'run smooth.'
The line should be invisible and glue us side by side.

My first visit to your sites...well done my friend!

Deborah said...

I love this, it captures that feelng woderfully.

Jingle Poetry said...

a brush of a hand , her breath on your cheek...

wow. divine lines.

your words are mind blowing..

Jingle Poetry said...

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Gloria said...

I like this! I have just discovered your site and read a few of your pieces (including your Carry on Tuesday piece), and I very much enjoyed what I've read. I will be returning! :)

alka narula said...

so the way u have expressed here..not easy...very beautiful once again

Mary said...

So sensitive and beautifully expressed. I think one can usually tell if the other feels that same 'magic.' The eyes don't lie.

Anonymous said...

I have certainly been in this position! Stunning poem =)