He looked from afar
not knowing whether or not
she felt the same

She glanced from a distance
afraid to reveal
her feelings within

It was meant to be
It never was


Jeques said...

Sweet Sadness, Keith!

If only humans could read each other's minds.

But ain't love gives us the power to read our soulmate's heart?

I thought I have that power, and my soulmate, too.

We always arrive at a certain point like all the universe conspires for our rendezvous and regular convergence.

Doubts keep two hearts that are meant to be apart.

Sometimes, we just need to trust our instincts and listen closely to the beating of our hearts.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Jinksy said...

Afraid to reveal
Her feelings within

Who knows how much happiness this prevents from happening?
(Your music goes down very well at this silly 'o'clock in the morning - thanks!)